Monday, July 29, 2019

Northgate Mall Closing

It’s a new beginning for Northgate, the oldest mall in the region. But it feels like an end to many shoppers, walking into familiar stores like Eddie Bauer or Famous Footwear, only to find final sale signs and thinning stock.

But Northgate is on the edge of a major transformation. It has been the home of Nordstrom, Macy’s and JC Penney and the destination of many buses headed north from downtown and the University District.
Now it will be home to the practice rink of Seattle’s new NHL team: three ice rinks in total, as well as new offices and places to live. The place where Nordstrom and Forever XXI sit will be a grocery store.
Construction is expected to begin in August. It will focus on the middle of the mall. That’s why those stores are clearing out.
Macy’s, which announced its departure months ago, is nearly empty. Nordstrom is holding its final Anniversary Sale at the location and looks much fuller. It will be gone by August 9. Around them are stores in various stages of closing up and moving on.
The closures raise questions for the stores that remain at the extreme ends of the mall. At the north end, Bergman Luggage says it has been told by owner Simon Property Group, Inc. that it can stay for a year or more. However, Sue Larsen, who has worked in the store for more than a decade, said the company can’t bear the loss of the stores nearby. It is looking for a new home.
The two closest malls now are University Village, which is expensive, and Alderwood, which is farther north in Lynnwood. Staff at several other stores said they were considering the same options.
With all these changes, that also means that small businesses in the different neighborhoods could potentially have an upswing of business year around vs just in the tourist pockets of time. 
What are your thoughts of Northgate Mall closing? It has been around for so long, and now the redevelopment really shakes everything up for so many. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

We are shaking things up in November

What's New in N!ovember

We have been busy bees at Kick It Boutique. New sweaters, jackets, work wear, and of course accessories have arrived. We are ready for Holiday shopping. We are in the process of bringing Kick It Boutique to be able to shop online as well. We have a great VIP group on our Facebook page that can be shopped from too!

Follow us on our social media channels to stay in the loop, and we will be online soon!

Monday, October 8, 2018

What's New in October!

 Bralettes are coming in this week!!

Here at Kick It Boutique, we have been filling up the store with new fall items daily! Above is some that are in stock now in store, or arriving shortly! If you haven't had the chance to follow us on social media, now is the time as we have online exclusives as well in our VIP group on Facebook.

This coming Friday, October 12th, is our launch party, as we are celebrating our new ownership, and showcasing all the new fall merchandise! We hope you are following along, and look forward to seeing you in store.

Happy Fall from Kick It Boutique